Which Real Estate Company works with New Agents in Nashville?

Real Estate Company works with New Agents in Nashville?

Nashville is not only a competitive market for Real Estate, but also for Realtors. I recently found out there are a bunch of Real Estate Brokers that don’t even work with New Agents. So if you are a newly licensed Realtor asking “Which Real Estate Company works with New Agents in Nashville??” You’ve come to the right place 🙂

SilverPointe Properties is a brokerage that works with new Realtors to help train and prepare them for their Real Estate Career. You will learn from seasoned veterans and top producing Realtors from SilverPointe Properties as they help you navigate your new adventure. That sounded dramatic and a little cheesy, but you get the point.

Which Real Estate Company works with New Agents in Nashville

Just to break it down without having to draw a graph. One of the brokerages that does not bring on new Realtors charges a larger upfront fee, but less commission after that fee. With SilverPointe you pay a VERY small monthly office fee, then a commission from the business you bring in until you cap for the year. I think paying less upfront is a great model for New Realtors to help them get their feet wet. It’s also a great business model for Realtors that enjoy having their license, but do not count on Real Estate as their income….like myself! I’ve had my Real Estate License with SilverPointe Properties for 12 years now. Some of those years I didn’t even have a transaction…but I also did not have to pay a large annual fee like the other brokerage would have charged. 🙂

If you would like some information about being a Realtor with SilverPointe Properties please fill out the form below.

Which Real Estate Company works with New Agents in Nashville?

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