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The main benefit of social media for Realtors is the constant reminder to your followers that you are an active Realtor. You will only get discouraged if you expect new clients to come flooding in from your social media posts. 🙂

One of the many benefits of working with SilverPointe Properties is that SilverPointe has a pretty good social media following. To take advantage of this following make sure you tag SilverPointe Properties if you post about real estate. If you tag us we will then see your post and repost to all our followers if you are a Realtor with SilverPointe Properties.

If you are unsure how to “tag” someone, all you need to do is include:
@SilverPointeProperies in the description of your Instagram or Facebook post
@SilverPointeP in the description of your Twitter post

If you are not sure what you could be posting, take a look at SilverPointe’s social media pages and you can use our posts as a guide.

social media for real estate
social media for realtors
twitter for realtors

There’s no need to post daily. Posting once or twice a week is plenty.

Do you have a question about social media for Real Estate? Post your question in the comment section below and someone will reply with an answer.

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