Murray Thames

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My life has revolved around homes. My grandfather was a contractor, and my father did remodeling on the side. Homes have always been a passion of mine, and I’ve worked on them most of my life.

Looking back, I can see that sales was a God-given talent from early on. I decided I wanted to set up a lemonade stand in my parents front yard, but quickly realized that a lemonade stand in a cul-de-sac was not my best venture. I then took to the streets going door-to-door selling rocks from local areas and afar.

Fast forward 15+ years later, and I have had professional sales, management, construction and remodeling experience. Over the course of time, I realized that family members and friends started asking for my advice on whether or not a property was a good deal or how much something was worth. It also became evident to me how much I enjoyed finding properties for people to potentially purchase, so I felt it would be a natural progression for me to get into real estate.

Murray Thames

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