How to make the Best First Impression with your Real Estate Listing

by Luke Krehbiel

The market has shifted. It can’t be understated. You can’t just put a sign in the yard and wait for multiple offers to roll in anymore… However, there are ways you can set your listing up for success & provide sellers with the best possible opportunity. Consensus would say the most important factor for an eye-catching, quality listing is the use of professional photography.

Real estate success is determined by a smooth and equitable transaction closing… Before a closing, the offer phase… before an offer, the marketing phase. What draws in more people in to view a property & thus make an offer than almost any other medium?? Photography! If your photos lack character and quality then your listing will not entice viewers to take a closer look. Furthermore, if you attempt to DIY your photos, in an effort to cut costs, your listing will simply get passed over by countless prospective buyers. Professional photos can bring a home to life. They tell a story and have the potential to evoke emotion in the viewer. Purchasing a home, although a business decision, is very much an emotional journey.

How to make the Best First Impression with your Real Estate Listing

I am grateful to have one of the most talented interiors and architecture photographers in the entire Nashville area on the payroll (my wife 😂) Evin Krehbiel (Evin Photography). I may be a bit partial but the proof has played out for hundreds of satisfied clients.

She has an incredible talent for drawing in natural light, photographing vignettes to build a “feel” for the property rather than simply taking photos from the corner of the room. There is merit to those images as well but it’s the exposure to the way a home lives that sets her work (and my listings) apart.

If you want a world class listing with the highest level of professional photography then our team at Agent615 is ready to serve.

Luke Krehbiel ( Agent615 | SilverPointe )

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How to make the Best First Impression with your Real Estate Listing

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