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December of 2005 was the beginning of my career in Real Estate, officially, but I would contend that it began long before that. In my adult life, I moved my family 10 times in a period of just 13 years. This included moves to places like Oklahoma, Atlanta, St. Louis, Denver, Michigan, Iowa and more.

Each time I moved, my Realtors would comment that I had a natural knack for real estate and would suggest I begin a career in the field. I had a passion for Real Estate, so in 2005 I began a new path as an Executive Assistant to Bill Henson the Founder and CEO of SilverPointe Properties. Under his direction, I quickly learned all of the techniques of buying and selling.

In 2009, I achieved my Real Estate License and I continue to be a member with The Henson Team.

I bring real life experience to my field. I know what it is like to relocate. I have lived in Franklin, Tennessee since 2000 so I know the area very well. I know all of the details and emotions involved in selling, buying and moving and I consider every client to be my top priority.

I ask that you contact me to discuss your needs. I know that I can help you, if given the opportunity. Thank you for considering me.

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