Moving to Franklin

Thinking about Moving to Franklin? We’ve created this page to give you a little info. Depending on traffic, Franklin is a short 30 minute drive from Nashville. The population as of 2021 was 85,469. Franklin has received a plethora of awards for their incredible school systems, charming Historic Downtown area, and was an All AmericanContinue reading “Moving to Franklin”

Buying a House in Franklin Tennessee

Here are some of the main steps to buying a house in Franklin, Tennessee, along with some useful Tennessee Home Buyer Resources. Click on the link to see a list of providers we trust and use frequently. Mortgage Lenders A great first step in the Home Buying process is to see how much money aContinue reading “Buying a House in Franklin Tennessee”

Physician Loans in Tennessee

by Austin Cook Physician Loans in Tennessee can be a little tricky as not all lenders provide Physician Loans. I am married to a surgeon at Vanderbilt and have had my Real Estate license in Tennessee for 12 years, so I have been through the process a number of times. Just like the ever changingContinue reading “Physician Loans in Tennessee”

When Should I Sell My House?  

by Chadd McCulley As a Realtor in Middle Tennessee the most common question I get asked is, if I sell my home where will I buy? This is where you need to ask yourself the bigger question  – “why are you selling?”  Are you downsizing or upsizing?  Is your job relocating you?  Do you hate theContinue reading “When Should I Sell My House?  “