Buying a House in Franklin Tennessee

Here are some of the main steps to buying a house in Franklin, Tennessee, along with some useful Tennessee Home Buyer Resources. Click on the link to see a list of providers we trust and use frequently.

buying a house in Franklin

Mortgage Lenders

A great first step in the Home Buying process is to see how much money a bank will loan you to buy a house. This amount is typically based off your income, debt, savings, trust fund, alimony, child support, etc. A mortgage lender will give you an amount you are pre – approved for so you can narrow down the amount of active listings within your budget.

House Hunt

Now that you have a price range you can begin your house hunt. I like to set up auto notify for my clients so they are notified every morning with new listings that fit their search criteria. If you would like some information about getting set up on my auto-notify list for middle TN listings, fill out the form below and I will be in touch.

Earnest Money

After you find a home, make an offer, and your offer is accepted (or negotiated) and agreed upon, you are now Under Contract. You or your Realtor will then deliver the Earnest Money to the Earnest Money Holder. This is usually the closing attorney for the seller.

Send Contract to Mortgage Lender

The Lender will need a copy of the contract in order to start their process. This is usually the longest step so getting them the contract ASAP is paramount.

Home Inspectors

Now you will need to schedule a home inspector to come out and inspect the house. You will have an inspection contingency as a part of the contract which allows you to cancel the contract if a home inspector finds flaws that you are unwilling to live with.

Termite Letter

Some mortgage lenders require you to have a termite letter before closing. The letter states that the property does not have any termite damage. Regardless…it’s a good idea to have this looked at 🙂

Title Companies

A Title Company ( a real estate attorney ) will conduct a title search to make sure that the property you are buying does not have any liens against it.


Before the closing date you will need to set up your Home Owners Insurance.


This is THE BEST DAY! You’ll meet at your title attorneys office where they will have all the paperwork to seal the deal, then you are homeowners!

buying a home in franklin

Moving Companies

Remember to schedule your moving company or moving truck before your moving date 🙂

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Buying a House in Franklin Tennessee

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